3/6/14 Pico

To round out a full skiing yesterday at Killington I headed over to Pico today with some friends. Another place I have not been to in a few years even though it is a place I really enjoy. I skied from open to just before 1. It started out cold but slowly warmed through the day with blue sunny skies. Groomed corduroy was on all the main trails this morning and made for some fast runs. 49er and Upper KA were particularly good.

The bumps on Summit Glades were surprisingly good. I had expected them to be pretty firm since we have not had significant new snow in days. However, even in the first part of the morning when the sun was off of them they were great. Birch Glades was good as well considering it is dependent on natural snow and gets a decent amount of sun since the tree coverage is far from intense. Birch was the first ungroomed/glade trail I ever tried a long time ago. So when I get to Pico if it is open I have to take a turn or two on it. We also spent a little time over in the Outpost area and conditions were good there as well.

Overall a great morning at an underrated mountain. My two friends took advantage of the ladies day pricing and I got a discount with my Wachusett pass so a relatively cheap day as well. There were no crowds at all.

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