Abenaki! 1/18/2016

I work about 30 mins away from Abenaki so I thought I would go check it out today.
They didn't open until 11 so I took my time. I have to say my overall impression of the place was great. Super friendly staff, small but very nice new base lodge and great coverage thanks to good snowmaking.
I had never rode a rope tow before but the nice attendant Michelle walked me through the process. It ended up being quite a process at first. But once I got the hang of it, every run up was almost as fun as going down.
The terrain though short and limited is a lot of fun. I didn't care much for the big open main slope but I found the two trails to skiers left very fun. Between the two was a great short glade that I skied until my tracks exposed some sharp rocks.
I did ten runs until the line started forming at the tow and I decided I should head to work.
Abenaki is a great little hill with a strong community vibe and I was happy to cross it off my list.
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