April Fools Delight with Decisions. Alba Adventures – Season 4 Episode 6 – Pico, VT

Our latest in our webisode (finally) - An April Fool's delight and decisions to be made. We appreciate your viewership and if you like - please, please give us a thumbs up on YouTube and a Like on FACEBOOK.

It's not a typical weekday morning,
Bringing the kids to school and then heading crosstown,
Anxious, I venture in and out of day dreaming to calm my mind.

Arriving late last Friday night,
Unable to drive up our driveway,
We hike.
The labor of last night's past is soon forgotten,
We head to the mountain
And are greeted with April Fool's Delight.

While fresh powder has its joys,
I must adapt to the conditions.
Slowly my legs settle into Mother Nature's Surprises.

With our destination fast approaching,
I worry about the decision I will have to make today,
To have surgery or not.

With irresistible powder it was hard to say no.

Soon I will be face to face with my doctor.
Do I tell him I was skiing,
When I was not supposed to?
Should I have waited?
Did I do the wrong thing?

Am I cheating fate?
Or are these incredible conditions telling me to persevere?
Certainly there are others that have had harder challenges to overcome.

My decision to ski without surgery,
Has been hard.
And I am most motivated by the person who bestows….INSPIRATION.

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