Attitash 2.23.2013

Date(s) Skied:02.23.2013
Resort or Ski Area: Attitash
Conditions: Machine Groomed
Trip Report:

Good coverage all around at Attitash and Bear Peak on Saturday. Great corduroy on Tim's, Ptarmigan, Moat, White Horse, Kachina, Avenger and Illusion. Not your typical New England grippy frozen corduroy but instead softer and closer to western varieties. Bumps were so so on Idiots, Grandstand and Myth Maker. If like me you prefer the bumps and crud, drop off the skiers left side of Kachina Falls and Kachina. Both are bumped up and full of snow deposits from skiers dusting the trails off and over the edge. Skiers right under the chair on Avenger is shaping up quite nice too although the first cliff is still boney and requires a pause to sight a safe line. The second cliff has iced over so can be launched at speed without worry. There's a nice peak in the middle to use as a booster for additional air that will carry you well over the small patch of twigs below although skiing through them isn't an issue either. Clearing them just offers more chairlift approval. I was very happy to see both Kachina and Avenger shaping up nicely for the spring conditions coming next month.

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