Attitash — Jan. 19th

Met up with Cheese and some of his family at Attitash today. They had gotten about 2" overnight.

First couple runs were off the high-speed on the Attitash side. Even when we got on the lift at 8:45 or so there was already people-dodging going on, but we found a few spots that allowed us to open the throttle a bit. Cheese tried skiing some bumps off to the side at one point which he promptly announced was a mistake. Apparently frozen coral reef and dirt under 2" of fluff looks good and skis bad.

Rode the summit triple a bit and explored some of the trails off of there. There were random powder piles everywhere with patches in-between that ranged from carve-able to "bring the ice skates". Eventually we found one trail (right off of the Attitash-side high-speed) that was covered in fresh snow making whales and had some nice soft bumps on it. We skied that a couple times before breaking for lunch.

After lunch we headed over to the Bear Peak side. First run was ALugeRun; sorry, I mean it was called Illusion. There was some soft snow off to the very left side; the rest of this pretty-wide trail was blue you-could-see-through-it ice. Wow. After getting down that, we tried something else on the Bear Peak side that was just as bad, and after that, we skied back over to Attitash and lapped our bump run the rest of the day.

By this time, everybody had discovered this bump run had the only soft snow on the mountain. Between people picking their way down and the park rats jumping off of everything in sight and everybody else it was like trying to ski bumps through a demolition derby, but somehow we managed.

I quit around 3ish as my legs didn't have any bumps left in them. Cheese and fam kept going a bit longer. Despite the icy conditions on anything groomed it really was a fun day. Cheese can flat-out ski.

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