Bear Creek 2-12-14

Took the boy out after work for a quick session. Picked up a discount voucher at Stowe (no not that Stowe) Ski Shop, so we both skied for $25 total. Not too bad. We stuck to the magic carpet area. He enjoyed the carpet rides and especially the skiing. This was our first time on skis together. He really enjoyed sliding as I held him. What a schlep though. Getting the gear on, carrying all the stuff from the car to the hill, carrying him part of the way as he is still getting used to walking in boots. I was sweating like a hog in 20F weather. Totally worth it to hear him whoop as we scooted down the hill. One complaint: Bear Creek has a rule that all riders must take off their skis/board before getting on the magic carpet. I was nonplussed, but also felt terrible for the poor lifty kid that has to tell everyone this and enforce what he admitted was an insane policy. Taking off and putting back on both our skis each run was kind of annoying, and limited our ski time. The first time we had to pop off the skis to get on the carpet the boy freaked because he thought we were done. I explained that we had to do it to go up the hill. Not sure if I'll go back, or if this is a common policy? I know Spring Mount doesn't make people do this. Anyway, it was worth the $25 and if I decide to go back next time I'll force the wife to come along and share in the schlepping.

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