Bear Creek Pa. 1/26/14

Finnished snow removal of 4'' fresh powder my driveway 11:30 am, Checked web cam ....No Lines??? Refresh , Yup no lines.
Pulling into resort found upper lot packed?? Drove past and down to 4th row in main lot.Walked over and checked lift lines.
5 people in line?Ok ?
first run was on Extreme...icey with dust that turned into powder lower down. next run Grizzley not bad, next run Sasquatch, Quite an impressive Cornice at the top also noticed they blew a massive amount of snow to correct a double fall line , leaving a crown of snow on skiers right , Cool! did a alternating crossover getting a little air with each turn all they way down . Grizzly had a few bumps interupted by a snowmaker whale,
The crowds were on on teddy Bear and Drifter, Mellow blue squares, The unloading area reminded me of a scene from Walking Dead, tough day to be a novice , only witnessed one collision.
anything with a blue square was PP and the steeps were not bad except for Extreme.
All in all a good day at a local mellow place

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