Belleayre 1-11-18: new gondi and soft snow

Slipping out the door just before tomorrow's rain storm, I arrived mid morning for my first day here this season. I wanted to try the new gondi.
First ride up. It's a very smooth comfortable- and fast- ride.
Fog shrouded the upper mountain.
Skied a lot of vertical off this lift. Needless to say, it significantly boosts the Belle's uphill capacity and takes pressure off the Superchief chair. Mild temps softened the snow to springlike conditions, while the cloud cover prevented things from getting too warm. Applying some Zardoz to my bases helped a lot, so I turned up the throttle to carve in the soft snow. Most trails on the upper mountain were either open, or had enough snow that they could have been open (got the feeling they're saving some for the holiday weekend, e.g. Belleayre trail.) Bumps could be found on Winisook and Onteora.
Heading back down to the lower mountain, here's the ski bridge that spans the road to Overlook Lodge.
"A View from the Bridge"
The gondi re-orients the axis of the ski area more to the center of where it is on the map and spreads traffic towards the west side. Luckily for me, there wasn't much traffic at all today. Had most trails to myself, a nice sense of freedom.
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