Belleayre 1-13-2013

A gem. I figured most of the casual crew would see the warm weather and fog and sit home. They did. Mountain was great. Snow was nice and soft - not corn (except for one lucky run), not mush, just nice soft snow. Soft enough to bump up, hard enough to still hold a carve. There was around a 2.5 hour period in the middle of the day where the top was seriously fogged in but it cleared up by early afternoon. Some good bumps.

The downside is the impact on the season. The woods were closed and the natural trails were showing a lot of bare spots. Even some of the man made trails had bare spots. More than I expected but maybe they didn't blow a lot - would be interesting to see a report from Hunter since they're known for blowing snow. It looked and skied like the end of March. Good news is cold should return.

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