Belleayre 2-3-15 powder day

Temp on arrival: 15
Conditions: powder, chopped pow/crud, groomed
Didn’t get out this weekend so when the storm went through on Monday I was jonesing so bad that I cleared the docket and headed up on Tuesday, arriving late morning under calm blue bird skies. Snagging the second parking space from the lodge after someone had just left portended the good things about to come my way. So good, in fact, that I skied straight until after 4, not even stopping for lunch (I kept a sandwich in my pocket, enjoying a bite or two on lift rides). I hit every trail on the upper mountain at least once. The glades officially were closed but there were plenty of tracks there. The light, dry pow was so deep in some off piste areas that my skis couldn’t negotiate them at lower speeds and I sunk until it was over my knees, requiring me to extricate my legs with effort. Some snowboarders were encountering the same difficulty even though their boards were way wider than my 88s. Lift 7 wasn’t spinning, which meant that the middle trails like Yahoo, Onteora, Algonquin and Utsayantha had to be accessed off the Tomahawk, which also meant the snow remained fantastic right until closing time, but it expended valuable time to get there. On a day like this, every minute counts. A Top 5 day.

Cathedral Brook, which I hit before heading to the west side.

Deer Run- the groomed snow was so good you could sink your edges in securely while ripping. That’s Platty out there in the distance.

Even Utsy was open- a rarity.

Dot, which didn’t open until 3 due to earlier HS racing practice.

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