Belleayre 4-5-2014

Where: Belleayre Ski Center

When: Saturday April 5, 2014

Conditions: Top: refrozen corn, frozen granular, death cookies. Middle: Soft buttery turns to heavy wet snow. Bottom: Slush. The exception: Lower Cathedral Brook somehow had beautiful snow that skied like packed powder.

Weather predictions were that temps would rise into the mid-40s and skies would begin to clear mid-morning. Never happened. Regardless, I was comfortable in just a fleece. It rained overnight making the snow on the bottom portion of the mountain very heavy and difficult to navigate. Throughout the day it lightly snowed/sleeted, but not enough to affect conditions.

Dot Nebel and Peekamoose skied very nicely early on, but then the little mounds made by skiers refroze requiring some care and fancy skiing. I did not like the snow on Algonquin or Mohawk, very chunky. Wanatuska was crunch at the very top but softened up toward the bottom, some nice bumps forming from skier traffic.

I discovered lower half of Cathedral Brook late in the day when my legs were nearly cooked. While there were huge bare spots (see pics), the snow was the best out of everywhere else I skied. The run out back to the Superchief had a huge washed out section that left an 8" wide traverse (see pic).

I went back to the top of the mountain and started to make the traverse to the top of CB, but when I saw the uphill section, I thought better of it. Legs were already wobbly. Next season, it is on the top of my list.

I didn’t ski any of the bumps on lower Mohawk (?) or Belleayre Ruun, but everyone who was looked like they were having a great time.
Top of Wanatuska (I think)
Belleayre Top of Wanatuska 4514.jpg

Lower Cathedral Brook
Belleayre Cathedral Brook 4514.jpg

CB Barespot
Belleayre Cathedral Brook Bare 4514.jpg

CB Run out Washout
Belleayre Cathredral Brook Washout 4514.jpg

My Day at Belleayre
Belleayre Map 4514.jpg