Belleayre New Year’s Day

Date(s) Skied: 1-1-2013
Resort or Ski Area: Belleayre
Conditions: Pack powder, some powder, some hardpack, some rocks
Trip Report:

Figure I could squeeze in a few turns on New Year's Day while other sleep in, I started looking for deals. Quickly found out today is Belleayre's "Flex Day", ticket for $39.95. That's not bad at all for a holiday rate. :D

Got up later than I planned. It's New Year's Eve after all. But I refrain from much drinking. So only mild sleep deprivation without the hangover shouldn't impact skiing too much. ;)

Pulled into Bell's base area and it's barely half full at 10 o'clock. Hmmm... I guess everyone was still sleeping?

Head straight to the upper lot, parked not too far from the door (20 cars down?). No line at the ticket window (in fact, I was the only customer at the window at that moment!). Changed, jump on lift 7 and skied over to Tomahawk. This starts my first day of the season, properly the season of 2013! ;)

It was pretty cold with the wind blowing. I had to go back to the car twice to add more layers top and bottom. (I forgot my helmet today, and boy it was cold up top with only a hat! brrrrr...) At one point, some snow was "falling", except it wasn't exactly "falling" when it's going sideways, perfectly horizontal!

Snow was good for the most part. A few bare spots and some rocks hear and there. I stayed mostly on the upper mountain yo-yoing up and down lift 7 and Tomahawk lift. No lift line all day, ski right on every time. The double blacks are either scratchy or slick, or both. For some reason, one trail in good shape and the one next to it were scraped clear of snow leaving only ice beneath. So I stayed on the ones that has snow. Warming up on some blues (Deer Run, Yahoo). Then lapped Peakamoose, Mohawk and Lower Onteora countless times once I realize those were the ones with more snow. Tree between runs still have powder but they've all been skied.

All in all, a nice first day of the year, and for me, the first day of the season!

The temperature looks to be staying relatively cool the rest of the week. So the coming weekend should still be pretty decent. Go get it while you still can. It's forecast to warm up after the weekend...

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