Belleayre trees, 3/15-16/14

They should rename Belleayre "Surprise Mountain," as it routinely defies the weather forecasts.
On Saturday the forecast called for sprinkles in the a.m., then clearing. It did neither. Squalls brought snow on & off all day, starting with "dippn' dots" type snow to huge snowflake snow, in varying intensity. The morning's crispy surface softened as the temps climbed into the upper 30s, converting the mogul runs to springlike conditions.
One thing I never expected was the trees to be in skiable condition but when I spied some boarders sneaking into an opening off upper Mohawk, I decided to dip a toe in and test the waters. What we found was gorgeous- a firm base supporting a soft edgeable top layer. From there it was off to the races. We skied mostly west of Superchief.


She's on typical carving skis, not fat boards. Impromptu ski pole measurements revealed depths of 18" to 22" of natural snow.
Around 3 o'clock the heavens began puking snow:

Temps plummeted overnight, so I expected the freeze to eliminate the tree option on Sunday. But surprise again- Saturday's squalls left 2" of fresh on top of a firm base. The temp didn't get above 20, but the sun was out all day long. While the trails were getting packed down more and more as the day wore on, I continually found fresh lines everywhere off piste. I skied mostly east of Superchief on Sunday:

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