Berkshire East 02/17

Arrived at about 9:30am and skied until 3:30pm. Some icy bumps on the right side of Flying Cloud, everything else was groomed but with tough. Blizzard Island was the only gladed area that actually had snow. Beast and East Glade required taking the skis off at times and I'm sure the guys in the base lodge shop had lots of core shots to do. If you ventured off the main areas of these trails you could find enough snow to have some fun in the trees. The trees in the Roy's Way/Chute/Mohawk had plenty of coverage and a great time. Liftline was the run of the day, once again some bare spots, but the bumps were forming and some soft snow could be found along the sides. A few minute wait for the Summit Triple around lunch time as you would expect. We will definitely be back soon.

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