Berkshire East 2/10/13

I wanted to take advantage of the big storm but I wanted to minimize the crowds as much as possible so I returned to Berkshire East. It was the busiest I have seen the place. The parking lot was full when I left around 1 PM. Lines were still very manageable but I did hear they had a bit of an issue with one of the lifts but by luck or timing I missed it. I never felt crowded on the trails and I never waited more than a few chairs for the mountain top triple. The main lift was busier but at least the first half the day it was very manageable.

Beautiful weather and the mountain was fully open. Certainly some rough patches here and there on the natural trails particularly Tomahawk but still well worth doing. The East Glades, Hemlock, and Wilderness were really nice in the morning. Umass was pretty good too once you got a little into it. Overall a great day and it was nice to get out onto trails that have not seen enough snow to be open much of this season.


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