Berkshire East 3/3/2014

Erika and decided to hit Berkie yesterday in preparation for my UCL surgery today and to try out my new Line Influence 105s. Skied from 12-4:30, (the MSC card saved me another $40). Great groomed stuff, bumps on Big Chief and Grizzly were frozen solid but my new Lines were able to cut on them. Flying Cloud had some hard packed bumps and things to jump off along skiers right. Forgot how steep Berkie was, 27* pitch on Flying Cloud and 26* on UMASS which is Superstar Headwall type pitch and both maintained it for a good part of the trail. Took a trip through Blizzard Island which a a gorgeous glade but the snow was bulletproof. Berkie has some AMAZING thinned out areas aside from East Glade, Blizzard Isle, and Tomahawk and a solid base in them but it is just too hard to cut on right now.

The Mountain Top Triple is my only complaints with Berkshire East, 10 minute ride up and a quick trip down and they over groom. Flying Cloud would be crazy with bumps on it. The other Lift Line trail is fantastic with thin cover, natural obstacles, and narrow. I really miss the Diamond Express Double they had there a few years ago, it was the fastest fixed grip around.

Really want to try to get back after a 6" storm. Love this place and can't wait to get back. The big new skis handle better than anything I've ever owned on groomers or hard pack. Definitely need to be way up in the front seat of them or you're going for a spill. You also need to be cruising at a good speed to turn them well.

Flying Cloud
Flying Cloud.jpg

The GF cruising down UMASS
E at Berkshire E.jpg

Thinned out Grizzly

The Lines make my 179 Volkl Bridges look tiny
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