Berkshire East – Feb 24 2013

It was kind of a late night and I slept in a little. Still plenty of time to get to Berkshire East reasonably early.

It was raining in Northampton when I woke up, almost passed on the skiing.. but went anyway. Really glad I did, the rain turned to snow once I got on Route 2 West past Greenfield.

Arrived at B-East and the lot wasn't really packed at all, looked like what would be a good week-day crowd but pretty empty for a weekend.

First few rides up the chairlift sucked because they were wet and dripping. First three runs I took were Upper Minnie Dole > Grizzly > War Dance. It was so good I did this three times in a row trying to do it faster each time. This is one of my attempts for overall speed:

As you can probably tell the snow was really nice, no worries about ice or losing an edge up there today. Grizzly (the part with the bumps) is a natural snow trail and there were some thin spots that you can't really see. I enjoyed it all the more for it.

Then took a run on UMass which had been groomed at some point over the last week so it was less bumpy, but also not icey like last weekend and just a great steeper run to take.

Even though there was only 2" of new snow it was basically hero snow conditions. Everyone on the mountain was having a blast and skiing their best.

Towards the afternoon it warmed up more and it turned into mashed potatoes which got kind of choppy in some places. These are some of my favorite conditions though.. I like corn and potatoes more than powder actually so I was having a blast.

Never had to wait more than zero minutes for a lift all day. Met some cool people up there pretty much all locals.. which is cool because I am sort of a local to that mountain myself.

Not much else to say. I didn't hit the woods today because I thought the 2" of fresh snow covering rocks would be sketchy considering I skied the woods last weekend when I could actually see the rocks (and rocks there were lots). Great day just bombing down the mountain on soft snow and some soft bumps.

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