Black Mountain, NH 02/23/14

Black Mountain, NH

Conditions: Loose granular, soft spring like snow

Trip Report:

We had not been to Black Mountain for about 2 years and this was our second time. It was the RSNE day here and we decided to have fun with it. We got there around 10 and lucky for us we did not experience the refreeze conditions when they first spun the lifts. When we got out if was getting softer by the hour. The Summit Chair had not lift line to speak of all day which was nice since some of the best runs are on that side. The East Bowl Chair on the otherhand had a much longer line my guess is due to the easier terrain to skiers left - however this is also accessible from the Summit Chair - who knows! The Summit Chair has two unloading areas (one to avoid the summit and the other to the Summit)

Rather than doing a play by play I will just say we skied everything labeled as advanced. Sounds exciting, but it is really nothing to write home about. We had some fun with it for sure, spring like small to medium bumps were found on trails like Upper Maple Slalom (short stretch) and Roller Coaster (got thin in spots). Fun dips were on Big Dipper and Lostbo (double black only because of the drop in and then not really). The rest were standard cruisers. We did ski a few intermediate trails the skiers left from the East Bowl Chair. The runs were true spring conditions with soft bumps forming on many trails towards the end of the day. Luck for us we used a warmer temp wax to avoid the slow downs. However, the last few runs, the surface firmed up a little and conditions got a little faster as colder winds came into the picture. We did go in some of the glades which were a little weird due to the sinking feeling we experienced where it was untracked. There is one area under the Summit Chair where you see barbed wire running along the tree line (is that their way of keeping people on the trails?).

We had a lot of fun with it just tooling around and not taking it too seriously. I think this is a fun place to play but not a place for many on this forum who find Okemo or Bretton Woods boring. I like more aggressive terrain, but do not mind a day like this one in the books! BTW, for intermediates this might be an confidence booster since the trails rated as black can be skied here!

After a whole bunch of runs were joined the RSNE Apres Ski Party which was also a lot of fun. On a final note: On our way home while driving through Center Harbor we stopped and ate at a place called The Bob House and Reel Tavern - great food!

Roller Coaster
photo 1.JPG

Getting a little thin on Roller Coaster
photo 3.JPG

Mr. Rew
photo 2.JPG

Part of Maple Slalom which my son used as a mini park
photo 4.JPG

My son getting off the Snowcat - he took a couple of grooming runs
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