Blue Hill 1/6/13

Conditions: Slush

How I ended up here I have no idea. Must have been an itch to ski while down with the parents

I rolled into the parking lot below the towering mountain above me, leg twitching with anticipation. I was a Blue Hill ski area, a Mecca for skiing. As I booted up in the lodge I was astounded by the coverage, they had half of Big Blue open! Soon I was riding to the summit of 400'. Big Blue left side was he first run. Decent.Next run I chose was Big Blue, middle. This was icy all the way down, totally skied off. After going to the top again, I decided it was time to attack Big Blue, right side, only to find a large field of grass. After going back down the left side of the Blue Hill, I was out of options. Suddenly I realized the Magic Carpet was open. This was the run of the day, edge to edge coverage and spring conditions. I lapped the carpet multiple times. After that I was BEAT. The mountain had beaten me up and it was time to leave...

Yuck, that was a horrendous day. Blue Hills is even smaller than I remember.

Only two runs open, but it really was only 1 and a half. It's pretty bad if the best run is the magic carpet

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