Blue Mountain 1/17/15

Blue Mountain Pa. 8:00 AM - 12:30
Everything except Natural.

After Reading the Mohawk report and doing some erands last night I was'nt sure about today, woke up and checked the NOAA hourly winds for my area 6mph, OK arrived early enough to get a good parking spot.
It's been years since I've been to Blue even though I live reasonably close.
Traversed over to the lower base area and rode the six pack...for the first time.The idea of getting 6 stangers on the same chair was a ittle unnerving at first, Most of the people out early seemed competant. but i ended up with 4 9yr olds on the next chair, they suprised me and handled themselves well.
lapped nightmare and the seeded ( sprout ) bumps 4 times and Dream weaver..nice cover for a while.
the 6 pack and quad move alot of people in a short time although the lines looked long they were 15 min.
Headed over to challange and things up top were 60% good and the rain crust was starting to come through.
ended up on Upper main street and hit the (Glade) and a rock.
Lapped Barneys Bumps as the sun warmed up the bumps a little. All in all not too bad ..
As I was leaving i could see the clouds of Mnt Doom coming.
Experimented with Ski Tracks and a hand warmer next to phone only used 40% in 4hrs!

Video is my Impression of Mystery Sceince Theatre 3000

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