Blue Mountain PA 2/2/13 Slight disappointment

Today was PA Cup Race #4 at Blue Mountain. I always look forward to getting to Blue and Elk during the season as I am locked up down here in PA for the U-18 season till March. I've had some really fun days at Blue in the past and enjoy it. This is in no way a bashing of Blue because it has been pretty rough sledding for the areas in the Pocono's with the mild December and 2 January thaws but I arrived with the expectations of some bump skiing today and there was not a mogul to be found. They have aways been great with that and while I know the weather this past week was bad down here it was still disappointing. Of course in a true twist of irony some of the Camelback Crew called us at about 2 to rave about fresh blown snow and bumps on Cliffhanger at CBK. Im sure they'll be gone before I get back there. Hey maybe Blue will push some bumps up tonight as I will be there tomorrow for race #5.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ

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