Blue Mtn 3-19-15

Conditions: groomed granular, corn/loose granular, some ice
Temp on arrival: 37F

"Back In Blue"
A favorable forecast of sun with 44 degree temps prompted me to pay Blue my first visit of the season. Took my time getting there to let things soften up from yesterday's freeze, arriving at noon to enjoy the afternoon sun. It indeed was sunny but I doubt the temp climbed above 40, which meant that the surface did soften up somewhat, but not so much in the bumps. The surface was fast and good for carving, which many did (this hill just invites you to open up the throttle), but the bumps demanded a more nuanced respect. The trail base is very deep due to the excellent snowmaking system and the high speed 6 pack was spinning as the primary lift. The glades were open with good coverage.

Razor's Edge- my skis kept saying "let's go!" Between those snow guns is a spine of snow- I had a lot of fun hopping it while using the guns as slalom gates.

Dreamweaver had the best bumps due to the sun exposure.

The bumps on Challenge glistening in the sunlight. Quite a difference between the groomed side and the ungroomed.

Sidewinder beckoned with what appeared to be perfect conditions; unfortunately it was closed with a crew working on it.

The Slopeside Pub at the Summit Lodge offering cold brews as we came in. Blue has added year round dining to host events like weddings. Down below, the old Valley Lodge was replaced by a larger complex of interconnected spacious buildings called Frontier Alley. For next year Blue will be adding a new expert trail on the far side of Paradise- it's already noted on the trail map. Nice to see they continue to make good improvements.
The forecast for tomorrow (Friday) calls for 5"-8" which will create gorgeous conditions for Saturday, and with it being late in the season they may avoid the crowds.
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