Bolton Valley 12/21/14

Struck out a bit conditions wise at Bolton today compared with what I lucked out with at Smuggs yesterday. Bolton apparently had gotten far more rain as the crust on natural snow was really thick and difficult to punch through. They also had only got a couple inches to refresh on top where smuggs was more in 4-6 range. So for the most part I stuck to the areas other folks had already broken up the crust. Groomers on Wilderness side were butter. On the Vista side they were pretty slick. Lots of bumps around, but hard as a rock.

My experience at Bolton prior to today was limited to a few night skiing sessions and 1 manky spring day where my only memory was regretting skiing lost boys glades and dealing with some brutal flats getting out of there and down to the lift. So no real favorable impression. Timberline area was surprisingly closed today despite all the snow.

While conditions were in the B- range, I did get to see why many people say Bolton is very underrated.

Before I share pics, a couple questions for the more experienced Bolton skiers; and you can answer me via PM if you don't want the info public. 1. As you get off Wilderness chair and go right, there's a noticeable foot path that heads off and back to the left. Does this go up and provide access to the ridge between Vista and Alta. 2. Off turnpike it seemed like the boundary was parked every 20 feet discouraging folks from heading out there. Decent low angle trees in there with base return?

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