Bolton Valley 3/15/2015

Bolton Valley
Packed Powder, Powder

On our second leg of our tour de Vermont, Xwhaler, our friend Nate and I skied Bolton Valley. We also met up with Madmadworld for some quality runs as well.
This was not my first trip to Bolton but it was certainly the most enjoyable time I've had there. The mountain reported 2-3" overnight and it snowed throughout the day for another 3-4" and about 7" total. The fresh snow made for some incredible ski conditions. Everything skied well. Lack of visibility led us to focus on mainly skiing trees. Preacher woods, Devils Playground were fantastic. I was impressed how steep and tight the lines in there were. We managed to find a lot of great spots off both chairs. Lots of little quick shots with boot deep snow in places. Timberline was closed for mechanical reasons. Our last run was down Devils Playground and it was probably the best. It had filled in nicely all day with boot deep snow which really made for some great charging. Great day overall. I wish we could have had a chance to ski Timberline and hit up Lost Boyz. Too cloudy, windy and snowy for pictures but here is a good one.
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