Bolton Valley – Feb 20, 21, 22 – 3 days incredible snow

Patricia and I had 6 passes to Bolton Valley. We went up there last year around the same time, which was fun, but absolutely nothing like this.

At the time, only a year ago, Patricia would almost never ski a blue, and the few times I twisted her arm she didn't like it. Her only move was the pizza pie.

This weekend we skied the whole mountain including all woods, Playground and Lost Boyz, and more untouched off-map woods than I can count. I'm talking about a woman who's advanced in heroic strides and holds her nerve in hairy situations. I'm talking I better not slow down too quick ripping down some singletrack snaking through the woods-- she is right there behind me. And I'm not always very slow.

So, God is good, and apparently I could be worse ski instructor.

The mountain is in great shape right now. Easily best conditions I've skied this year-- beating out some other amazing days by a long shot. Untouched was everywhere in the woods. Saturday it started snowing and it was velvet refills every run in the afternoon. Sunday the whole mountain was doubly fresh with 6" of the most prime powder, perfect moisture content and flakes. Knee deep because thigh deep.

Last year I did not get to really ski woods at Bolton--- before that it had been a while. But back in the day I'd skied everything there on-map. It seems like the mountain has really opened up. I was really surprised how many off map woods that were of every shape steepness and size. We found them mostly by following tracks or just heading down through the woods and ending up in cool places.

Some newer tough stuff seems to have opened up too. Preacher has some woods right up top to the left. Those were like a shorter Devil's Playground. Lost Boys now has some woods right up top to the left (I mean more woods). This area is tighter and steeper than Lost Boyz and went on for quite a while after the steep part was finished, following a little ravine. Some of this stuff I've made mental notes not to try and repeat unless conditions are really nice.

So, for some reason I was remembering Devil's Playground to be easier than it is. I told Patricia, hey you've already done Lost Boyz and Adam's let's ski Playground. She made it down Preacher to the entrance of Playground alright. We skied down Playground a bit. And then I remembered oh yeah this is pretty insane. If you're not familiar it's woods with several narrow twisty sorta-chutes that go on for a while. The middle section I would say is about equally difficult to the steeper sections of Paradise at MRG, and a similar setup overall.

Playground is about steep enough where I have to start battling my fear of heights. Maybe this is why I do enjoy steep narrow stuff,,, I don't like heights, even though I'm capable to ski it, I just want to get down as fast as possible to relieve the vertigo.

Well Patricia won't be skiing Playground again any time soon (I might be set for a while as well), she did make it down with minimal fear and hesitation. I'm pretty sure she's cut out to be a better skier than myself.

Enough hype here's the pics.

Patricia on Preacher

Upper Playground

Playground below the chutes

Trying to get a good huck pic in Adams Solitude

Lower part of the woods to the left of Lost Boyz (enter thru Lost Boyz). Much steeper up above.
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