Bolton Valley – Feb 22 & 23 2014

It was 1 year anniversary for me and Patricia, and I had a 4 pack of Bolton Valley tix from the Boston ski show to use. So I got a hotel up there and said let's go for 2 days.

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking this time. Both days were great weather. It softened up Saturday and froze overnight, leaving a half inch of icy crust on top of the ungroomed terrain for Sunday.

Vista Glades and Preacher were good examples of broken up ice cubes. Somehow I enjoyed the hell out of this. I really like steep bumps and woods when the conditions are a bit on the hairy side. I actually enjoy this more than powder. Maybe I'm weird.

So it was a couple great days. This was day #3 and day #4 for Patricia on skis. Her skills improved significantly and she was able to pull off decent parallel skid turns by the end of the weekend. I accidentally took her on one bump run and she handled it ok. She volunteered to go in a few of the lower angle woods and while it wasn't easy for her in all parts of the woods, she handled it like a champ.

Great anniversary weekend for us and reminds me why Bolton Valley goes way back as one of my favorites. There is something for everyone here. Preacher might be my favorite trail (not woods) ever. Narrow, twisty, bumpy and steep.

Devil's Playground was pretty hairy due to the ice-over and really steep tree runs like TNT ended up being closed on Sunday due to the terrain.

I forgot to mention, anything that was groomed was beautiful both days. Even after the ice over Saturday night all the groomed terrain was perfect. I love this mountain and look forward to going back on days where the mountain is more "wide-open" and also checking out some of their backcountry. I was staring at the Centerline Chute on the middle mountain quite a bit on the lift lines up, and now I'm rather determined to ski this at some point in the upcoming seasons.

Sorry if you're not on Facebook but I don't actually have the pics on my laptop right now. It's a public folder so you should be able to view it.... and feel free to add me as a friend if you're into that. Let me know if this link isn't working for anybody

edit: nevermind I downloaded my pics of facebook and posted them here


That is Preacher on the bottom and Vista Glades 2nd from the top.

Forgot to mention the lodge was full, the parking lot was full, but there was very short lift lines if any, and most trails were either light traffic or all to myself. Bolton has basically 3 unique mountain areas and it spreads people out pretty well.

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