Bradford and NE MA local – blizzard & aftermath, 2/8 and 2/10/2013

Skied the beginning of the blizzard Friday evening at Ski Bradford - 3-6 p.m. until they closed. Probably 4-5" down at the end, lots of fresh tracks to be had given that at peak there were no more than a couple dozen skiers and by the end it was down to just my son and me.

Was too busy Saturday with shoveling etc and wasn't sure how parking would work at my desired destination though I did skin in the woods behind my house and tried skiing a line on a little nearby hill as the sun was setting.

Truth be told I glided pretty much straight for 30-40' before coming to a stop; not enough pitch to make actual turns or keep forward momentum in 25" of medium density pow.

Turns definitely were had - the best of the season thus far - in a dawn (or close) patrol yesterday on a bigger local hill. Gotta protect this jewel so no details on location, sorry. The base was medium density with little wind affect - pretty much a perfect base considering the ground was bare just two days earlier. Steeper stuff skied better than medium-angle so I'll just show a couple pics from steeper stuff ... also an excellent skinning workout and opportunity to practice my kick-turns.


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