Bretton – 11/24/19

Somewhat of a soggy day at BW. From the weather reports I thought they'd be getting snow, but when I arrived it was mostly drizzly rain with a little sleet mixed in. The snow wasn't as good as last weekend, but it was okay for a half day.

They've opened a few more tails down from the top since last week, so it had a little more variety. It was nice to have the gondola on a wet day. I don't mind skiing in light rain, but I don't like sitting on a wet lift, so I stuck to the gondola today. The ride time of that is advertised as 4.9 minutes, but I timed it today and it took almost 8 minutes, so it doesn't seem to be running at full speed.

The crowd was small (so glad BW is not on one of the major passes), so the lifts were walk on.

One trail they opened was Upper Swoop, which is right below the gondola unload. That was forming some moguls so was kind of interesting. I was thinking with the high unload location of the gondola, they should make a top to bottom black trail from there, like maybe string together Snake, Shenanigans, and Darby's drop into one trail, and call it "Tail of the Dragon"!

There was no visible progress on the new peak lodge. I guess they've bagged working on it for the season.

Here's a couple pics:


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