Bretton Woods 1-1-14

Decided to hit up BW today…..showed up with 2 -3 inches of light fluff on top of everything
It made for a Wonderful day, no crowds and all the Groomed trails skied really well.
Jumped into the Glades to check em out, they weren't too bad….Hit Glade West off of the top of Coos
it was fun to actually get in there and then Cherry Mountain slide…still can use some snow but doable if you
were careful.Then decided to hit some Natural trails and was pleasantly surprised….No regrets was Fun, even in the late morning it wasn't all tracked out…still plenty of Powder stashes to be had. then hit Faybians express under the old triple chair…same thing Lots of powder to be had…..Skied from 8am..First chair and left just after 1pm…Not a Bad day at all:)

if they can pick up another 6 inches from the next storm I think the glades will be skiing pretty darn good…should be there Saturday !!

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