Bretton Woods – 2/9/18

Good conditions at Bretton today, especially in the glades. They didn't get any rain in the last storm, so I didn't run into any ice, and the 9" of fresh snow from yesterday has set things up nicely. They are 100% open, so I was hitting a lot of stuff I haven't had a chance to in the past. I didn't even know they had a T-bar, so did some glades off that for the first time. Pretty much hit every area on the mountain and coverage was great. The groomers were good for carving, and there were a lot of ungroomed side areas and trails with leftovers from the storm.

Only thing missing was a good bump run. Aggassiz has some bumps, but they aren't well developed yet. There are also some bumps under a few of the lifts. My favorite trail today was the Zephyr Glade West. The trail gets very little traffic so the snow was still fresh, and it's so wide I could take a different line down each time. Also enjoyed the little pod off the Rosebrook quad, but those trails are unfortunately quite short since BW is of course challenged in the area of steeps.

Overall had a fun day and it was a bargain since they had a sale on weekday tickets for $49. Temps were chilly in the morning and near the end of the day, but I was working hard in the trees so was often sweaty. Since there was no wind, I never felt cold. Lifts were ski on all day, except a short wait on the Bethlehem, but I rarely used that one. Legs were really running on empty by the time the lifts closed, but I didn't want to stop.

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