Bretton Woods April 10th

Headed to Cannon Friday morning. Left Nashua in the rain at 7am. Probably didn't lighten to drizzle until about the Lincoln exit. Got off highway to go to the Peabody lodge, wind was really kicking up. They said that they were only charging $25 (instead of 2/$74) as only the Tuckerbrook chair was running and didn't know if any other lifts would open later. Called Bretton Woods and was directed to an automated snow report message - from 6:30am. Wasn't thrilled they hadn't updated but since going South to Loon w/more rain possible and a higher price tag, we went North...

Turned onto 302 and it cleared quite a bit. $29. By the time we stepped out to strap in the drizzle had stopped. Snow was slow as they seemed to have had a bit overnight and then some rain on top of it. It was excellent other than the flat spots which were much more work than usual. But man is there still a LOT of snow up there. They could've had literally everything open but they had the two outside sections closed to conserve grooming and personnel. Can't blame them as there had to almost as many working as skiing/riding.

We enjoyed one loop in particular - Bethlehem quad to Rosebrook quad. High Ridge to Stinger glades to Fastfall to traverse over to Bigger Ben and the few tearrin park jumps.

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