Bretton Woods Friday 12/18/2015

I Skied Bretton Woods yesterday to use a $19 Ski show ticket that expired yesterday. First time there in a long time. It was better than I expected and I had a good 3-4 hours of skiing there. Very limited runs, about 6-10, but you could ski from the top and what was open had at least 12" of snow on it. Very few bare spots. They closed any trails with significant bare spots. It was pretty empty, which made the limited runs skiable. If it was crowded, it would have been the WROD I see posted. It was funny that the man made snow did not cover the width of the trail, there was grass on either side, but the width covered with snow was plenty wide to ski as long as there weren't too many people on it. It actually snowed a bit during the day but was so light it didn't cover any of the grass. All and all it was worth a half day of skiing, for a nice discount rate. A crowded weekend day with a full price ticket would be a different story until they get more snow.

The snow was firm up high and almost mashed potatoes at the bottom. The temp was 36 at the bottom so it was firm spring conditions. By the end of the day the temp dropped a few degrees and things got a little firmer.

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