Bromley 3/3/2014

Forget $50,000+ to ski Haystack/Hermitage, just find places like Bromley and ski them midweek! Spent 10-2 doing nearly every trail on the mountain. I was solo but wanted to use a BOGO I had... couldn't because at 9:30 no on else was buying day passes...wound up purchasing one of the Spring Loaded tickets for $109 , giving me 4 days of skiing there between now and next Dec 17th. There were at most a couple of hundred people on the hill with me and they were well spread out. Conditions were great...The grooming team at Bromley really knows how to lay down a smooth corduroy carpet of machine groomed packed powder! Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trees were skiing really well! Bumps outside the trees were just a bit too icy/scratchy to be really enjoyable for me, but in the trees the bumps were prime. Cant wait to get back on a warmer day...temps topped out around 17 this time...kind of weird for March 3rd...

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