Bromley, March 1, 2015

I was looking for company to ski with, so I met a friend at Bromley; Her choice not mine. It was a day for mellow, blue skiing. I'd say that Bromley is 93% groomed and 7% ungroomed. The snow was in amazing shape everywhere we went; packed powder all the way.

The Bromley glades are a terrific for someone who wants to get started. While they were tracked out, they weren't pounded to death like the big places. They are well bounded and you can always find an escape path.

There were lots of woods with only a couple tracks in them. The snow was 6-8" silky smooth in there.

The blacks had a few bona-fide icy spots on them, but there was plenty of places to turn and the snow was generally loose. It was all packed powder everywhere else. For someone used to skiing blacks at bigger areas, these ski more like blues at places like Stowe. I thought the lift ticket prices were quite pricey for the size of the place. Guess you're paying for convenience.

The ungroomeds were bumped, but not crazy bad. Nobody was skiing them.

Lines were never more than five minutes, and that was only for a couple of runs. They are diligent about checking tickets though they are not electronic.

They have a nice, large, spacious bar. I'd say the food is slightly better than average.

You have to park on the other side of the highway, and it's really long, but between a tunnel and a customer transport, it's not bad.

The pimply-faced, obnoxious kids don't come here. Mostly young families, who tend to stay lower on the mountain. However, in general the cafeteria, while well-run, looked like a pig-pen. We came in at 4pm, and it looked like a garbage truck had unloaded it's days collection on the tables. Well, that bad customers, bad parenting, selfish people. Nothing against the mountain on that.

There was some sort of race going on, closing one lower mountain run. Didn't impact the ski experience.

For me, it wasn't very challenging, but the great company made up for it. For a family that wants a stress free, age appropriate ski area, this would be one of my go-to places. If it wasn't so damned expensive.

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