Bromley Mountain 1-6-2013

Date Skied: January 6, 2013

Conditions: Variable upper mountain, MGPP lower mountain

Trip Report: Got to sleep at a reasonable hour Saturday night, but ended up waking at 4:30am, the non-skier was not ready to leave until 6:50. Sunny drive up Route 22, but as soon as we crossed the Vermont border...grey skies. We arrived at the mountain at 9:15, 1/2 hour later the NS was situated and I was suited up and out the door.

I got to the Sun Mountain Express and there were 40 kids in front of me. The line moved quickly and I was at the top by around 10am and found myself in the middle of a cloud:

"Vermont's Sun Mountain"

Since it was my first time at Bromley, I did what I normally do at a new place, start with the greens and work my way up. I skied down to Prouty's Pass, looked down into "The Plunge" a steep glade that looks like fun for someone else. When I got to the end of Prouty's pass I encountered all 40 of the kids that had been in front of me on the lift. I skied pretty leisurely behind them the whole way down. The snow was nice and soft, not a scratch to be heard or felt.

2nd Run, I decided to try Pushover, a blue trail on the east side of the mountain. The very top portion is a short steep start, the middle of it was blown off revealing boiler plate, but the snow on the sides was nice. Pushover is a pretty cool trail, but conditions were not the best, there were some bare spots, other boiler plate areas, and the flat lighting made obstacles difficult to see.

Made a few more runs on the west side. It wasn't crowded, but by noon Upper Twister and Route 100 were getting pretty skied off. Oddly, the very middle of these wide trails retained the best snow (I guess because people skied to the left side or right side to access other trails).

I guess because the mountain was in a cloud, the snow at the top of the mountain started to develop a strange crunchy texture and the spring like temperature made the lower mountain feel like spring.

My favorite runs were Upper Boulevard to West Meadow, and a nice detour into Everglade, a mellow glade on the west side:



and then ducked out to try out Glade, which had some nice low-angle bumps, which I skied with little grace.

I was a little tired, so didn't attempt any of the black trails on the east side, except the very top of Havoc. Their black trails look pretty steep and not cookie-cutter. I'll give 'em a whirl on my next trip.


The bent tree with a serendipitous skier.


A cloudy Magic Mountain in the distance from the top of Yodeler (Yodeler is a really cool blue trail with big rollers, it was almost completely untouched, and I skied it around 1:30pm)

The NS and I wanted some time to visit some antique shops, so we were on the road again by about 2:45. Pulled into Magic's lot to have a look at the coverage; looked mighty fine. Then we were off and hit a few shops, including the obligatory stop at Vermont Country store to "free sample" our way through the store. Stopped in Brattleboro at Fireworks for some rockin' pizza, then battled 91 S traffic home.

Super fun day, nary a line at any of the lifts, I will definitely go back to Bromley, preferably on a clearer day.
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