Burke 12/20/12

Skied 12:30-4 and it was an absolutely phenomenal afternoon. I was pissed when I was sitting at LSC on Tuesday watching it rain all day, but Burke did indeed get all snow from that event and it is very evident on the mountain. Ropes dropped all over the Upper Mountain, including upper Bear Den, upper Fox's Folly, Liftline, Camper's Carry, and Deer Run (some spots had snowmaking but most didn't). Also open now with snowmaking are Dipper from the pavilion down, as well as Little Dipper and Open Slope. The natural trails were sparsely traveled, leaving untracked to be eaten up just about every run. They definitely got 6"+ on Tuesday, with some spots nearing knee deep. Willoughby was beautiful butter top to bottom... great cruising. Warrens, Lower Bear Den, and the Dippers were a bit more chattery due to recent snowmaking.

Unfortunately it looks like they'll get several hours of rain tomorrow, but will get a few inches of snow on the front and backside of the storm. Also looks like 2-4" of snow Saturday from upslope. Temps will be in the low 20s for highs and around 0 for lows next week, so it looks like winter is finally setting in.

I'm leaving now to go back home for a month (although now that I have an apartment here I can come back whenever I want so if there's a good storm I'll definitely be driving up). I didn't bother getting a Wachusett pass this year because I only went about 4 times last year so I'll probably get a 3-peat and that'll be enough Wachusett for the year. Also going to be in Texas from Jan 4-10 so no skiing that week. Otherwise, I'm hoping to hit western MA and southern VT if there's some good snow between now and MLK when I come back to the NEK, it's been too long since I've hit Berkshire East and Magic.

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