Burke – 1/26/13

Date(s) Skied: 1/26/13

Resort or Ski Area: Burke

Conditions: Fast

Trip Report:

It was cold today. -3 as we started the day, may have warmed up to balmy 7 degrees in the sun. No wind.

They had about 20/40 trails open, feeling about like 10 top to bottom.... no lines all day, there was one time we rode in a quad chair with 4 people... crowded moment of the day -- i guess the lodge around morning hot chocolate break had a decent amount of people too....

Willoughby was the trail of the day, great soft snow -- not sure if they used a different snowgun type or groomer over there, but it was fantastic light snow, and enough to push around. Dipper, Warrens Way and Foxes folly were all pretty nice and fast too... Middle of Foxes folly had some bumps, I didn't check it out though -- on ski's today and wasn't ready for em.

Need some more snow -- but not a bad fast, cold, groomer day.

No pics, too cold, had a camera in my pocket! Had some nice views though, think I saw Jay in the distance beyond some industrial wind turbine farm.

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