Burke 12/9/12

Not too good on the upper mountain (partially expected)... would've been nice to have some of that snow they've been making at the base for the snowmobiles blown on Willoughby instead, but if the snowmobiles make them more money so be it. Willoughby was good for the first few hundred feet but when the steeps started it got pretty slick with various spots down to the dirt. Never tried Lower Willoughby below the Bear Den cutoff so can't vouch for that. As for Bear Den/lower Warrens, they were even more slick than Willoughby than the other spots. The blog on Burke's site says they want to get going on the Dippers but with the rain on the way tomorrow I have a feeling they're gonna need to reblow what's open first quite a bit.

Lower mountain looked quite busy with the snowmobile stuff going on but there couldn't have been more than 50 people on the upper mountain.

Hopefully now that they can actually focus on skiing (and with help from mother nature), things will get better. I believe they're open weekdays now so I might head up tomorrow (likely not if it's raining).

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