Burke 2/6/14

Powder day! Since this 8" snowfall probably ranks in the top 10 biggest storms of the last 3 years, I decided to get there this morning. Beautiful blue sky, boot deep powder, and no wind = win!
It was my first day out this winter due to so many other commitments and generally blah conditions that didn’t justify taking a morning from work. My quads were definitely feeling it by 11:30.
Had a fun morning even though it was ridiculously crowded with all 75 people there :wink: . 8" of fluff fell yesterday. They are still only reporting 67" for the entire winter so far. The woods look good but are still sketchy as there is 10-12" of fluff then ice and dirt :-?
Still a beautiful day in the NEKberhood (I was skiing by myself so all I got were landscape shots):

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