Butternut 4-2-2014

Where: Ski Butternut, MA

When: April 2, 2014 Afternoon

Conditions: 60 degrees, mostly sunny–corn, mash potatoes, slush and water skiing

I love days like this. Nearly empty slopes, but the people that were there were wearing big smiles, sunglasses, tee-shirts or sweatshirts.

The way they contoured Lucifer’s Leap this year made it a super fun. Lots of air to be caught.

The bumps on Downspout were soft and slushy.

Their base is deep. They could probably make it through next weekend, too, but Sunday is definitely their last day.

Butternut 4214 bumps.jpg

Butternut 4214 4.jpg

Jumping the creek
Butternut 4214 water jump.jpg

Butternut 4214 2.jpg

Butternut 4214 1.jpg