Butternut – March 9 2014

So I went over to Butternut for a half day with my girl. Her 6th day on skis! I figured I'd give her a break after our trip to Sugarbush last weekend... COLD and ICY up there!

Turns out she's a natural and handles icey stuff amazingly considering her limited experience. Needless to say I'm a proud and happy guy.

So I have not been to Butternut since I was a kid, and learned to ski there. The place is really quaint and charming. 1000 foot vertical, I think. A couple slow chairlifts up the 2 main hills and a few other also slow smaller chairlifts. It's a scenic ride up both main chairs. There's a real beauty in that part of the Berkshires. Lots of laurels and birch. The trees do get shorter from the altitude and weather up at the summit which is only 1,800 feet. It's just very friendly and the trails are windy and fun. Certainly not challenging but steep enough to present a challenge to intermediate skiers on some parts of the mountain.

The runs were sort of scraped off but with plenty of loose corn snow on most runs. Applejack was probably the run of the day. They don't have a lot of trails but each one is pretty unique. Another development since I skied there as a kid.. there are actually some skiable woods areas now. They aren't on the map.

So, fun day. I took some Contour ROAM2 footage of her skiing but I haven't edited yet and probably not that interesting to you guys.

I didn't try to take any photos until later in the afternoon when some chemtrails came through.

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