BW 2/22, Loon 2/23

Stayed in Littleton for 2 nights. Skied Bretton Woods Monday, 2/22. Nothing but hard packed groomers. Little evidence of any recent snowmaking. Hadn't been here in 20 years, so it was good just to check it out. Looks like the glades could be decent, if they had any snow in them. Golf course at Mt. Washington Hotel was completely bare ground.

Next day at Loon couldn't have been more different. Maybe the best grooming I've seen (and we're regular Sunday River skiers). Trails were soft packed with a few hard packed. Snow guns blowing all day on Sunset and Flume, so you could get all the fresh man-made tracks you wanted. Loon showed a real effort at putting out the best product they could. I was impressed.

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