Can-Am National Holidays – July 1 & 5 2014 : World Cup, Humidex 106 & Still Sick!!!


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The ski season ain't over 'til ALL the snow is gone. Way to go out there and get it

Not much snow left to ski after we got a good at it in early July.

Every July experience is different, even if there is rarely much snow left. I decided to good checkout two main Eastern July ski options after skiing in the Laurentians last July and Tuckerman in 2007, 2008 and 2011. Riverc0il joined me for the US madness.

Can-Am National Holidays – July 1 & 5 2014 : World Cup, Humidex 106 & Still Sick!!!

Back-to-back ski extreme experiences (i.e. extreme in madness):
– Temperature in the 90F range one day to 90mph wind gust the next;
– From shorts and topless to “I need an extra jacket” weather;
– Driving with heavy storm warnings, torrential rain, T-storm and fireworks;
– Highway construction and orange cones everywhere;
– Avoiding wildlife at 75mph like the giant moose standing in middle of the interstate. Plus a fox and maybe even a grey wolf running across the car.
– Safety was an issue even before I started skiing, especially that I wasn’t even carrying a gun. This is New Hampshire, with the odd grey wolf and firearm carrying citizen.

There isn’t any snow?
Are you mad?” I answered “Yes!”

That was the main reaction by the US Gun-carrying Custom Officer when he questioned me about my plans for US soil. Other reactions of disbelief from fellow hikers on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail where they saw us with our skis? “Are you training for Alaska? Where are you going to find the snow?”

I didn’t get a reaction in Canada: it was just child play. People were climbing the hill in bathing suits to go tubing and didn’t notice us with our skis. I was even told before my July 1 trek if 40+ celsius with humidex wasn’t too hot to go skiing? No, it was one more reason to find some snow. Definitely cooler than playing World Cup football in the Brazilian tropical heat.

Both adventures were greeted with some disappointment at the speed in which the snow had melted since the last pictures were taken of both places.

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Where is the snow in Tuckerman?

People tubing.

Riverc0il milking it

No patch is too far, nor too small!!!

The skiing is over… in the East. It is time to hop on a plane if you want to continue this game into August!!! Or go find a patch of snow at the local arena. I’ll try to ski you in August!!!

This is the best way to fight the summer skiing withdrawal.

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