Canaan Valley (WV)

Date(s) Skied: 2/24-25

Resort or Ski Area: Canaan Valley, WV

Conditions: powder over firm packed powder

Trip Report: Driving down the temps hit 61 degrees in the Shenandoah Valley. I was feeling less than optimistic. Even after climbing up the Allegheny Front on the new Corridor H highway, temps were still in the low fifties. Within two hours of arriving in Parsons to visit my dad the temps plummeted over 20 degrees and it was snowing. Driving back over the mountain to Canaan I was never so glad to be stuck behind a plow - the road was invisible otherwise.

Monday morning there was about 3" of light powder over the softened base. It was as if the quick temperature drop and snowfall prevented the base from becoming a skating rink, and the skiing was rather pleasant. Conditions only improved on Tuesday, with a pre-dawn snowfall continuing throughout the day; probably close to 6" of powder over a firm base made for stellar skiing. If you knew where to look off-piste the trees were even skiing well.

CV certainly doesn't hold up to comparison with the major New England ski areas, but along with neighboring Timberline is certainly outshines Pennsylvania. Now if they would only improve on their slow lifts and do something about those southern skiiers...

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