Cannon 01/28/15

I was excited to get to Cannon with report 10-12 inches of fresh snow. Unfortunately, I had to attend a meeting in the morning and could not get there until 12. The rest of my family got there around 9. The morning reports from them were that the front five were skiing beautifully and going up the summit lift was supper cold and uncomfortable due to snow making on Cannonball.

When I got there, I ran into Pucket, JDRoma and Cannonball's wife. They had been skiing Mittersill all morning and I was excited to ski there as well. However, they noted that things were getting scratchy over there and other friends told me that all the good stuff is skied off. So I bailed on that idea. I also bailed on the idea of heading to the Summit. With that in mind I skied the Peabody Lift and Zoomer Lift. One thing I have to admit, from the Peabody Lift, there are a boat load of permutations to ski when you combine the Peabody Pod and the Front 5 (as Puck it says Front 7). With the exception of heading in for a warm up, beer and an app, we skied to last chair and enjoyed the condition to the end.

My wife was excited to take me over to ski the front 5. We skied down Paulie's and it skied really well with soft bumps forming, however she said it was much better at 9. Apparently they winched groomed some of those trails according to their website and it was apparent since the bumps on Zoomer were gone from the last time I was there. To skiers right on Zoomer bumps were still there but the bumps felt hard under the new snow. Bumps under the Zoomer Chair skied much better. The center got skied off, oddly enough I liked being to ski that fast. Another persons idea of scraped off was my fun. Paulie's and Avalanche skied well to the end of the day. Only bad section on Avalanche was the crossover to get to Banshee. Banshee, BTW, also skied really well with smaller soft bumps forming with no rhythm which is what I like. Gary's and Rocket were nice cruisers and never got skied off at all IMO. Rocket and Gary's had bumps to skiers right but I did not ski that area. I did take a run on Lakeview Glade which is a more open glade but a lot of fun and at the end of that run ducked the rope and skied under the Zoomer Lift in some untracked. The Glade was skiing pretty good considering that it was well tracked out. I did find a small stump in there so coverage is thin.

My favorite path from the Peabody was skiing Bypass -> Extension-> Avalanche or Paulie's. The beginning of Bypass is flat but right where it starts to head more downhill apparently everyone slams the brakes on - why? This causes an area to get scrapped off - not a big issue but. Past that the aforementioned trail combo was really sweet even around 3 which was that last pass through there.

Now we did make a few simple runs down trails like Gremlin, Lower Cannon (Rock Garden had Whales on it) and Middle and Lower Ravine as well as a run with my son through Parkway (he could spend all day there). These trails all held their snow because skiers and snowboarders alike are not braking hard all the time. Lastly, Turnpike's Headwall (kind of) also had great soft bumps that were a little tighter but the stretch was not as long once you are past the bumps that trail did not get much attention that day so the snow there was pretty nice, chopped up powder but still floated well.

Overall it was a great day, my wife skied all of the front 5 more than once and she was skiing bumps. This is a huge win for me since bumps have always been a point of contention - she can do them ok but often avoids such trails. Yesterday she was going down trails with bumps voluntarily.

Already looking forward to this weekend!

Entrance to Turnpike - light is so flat that is is hard to see the bumps

Whales on Rock Garden with my son on top

Front 5

Poached area under Zoomer Lift

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