Cannon 1/17/15

The weekend plan was to ski Cannon both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday the drizzle was arriving to soon so we chilled! Saturday, however, was almost perfect. The temps when we arrived were -5 at the base and -16 at the summit around 9. While that does sound cold and it was - the sun helped a little and I think the real feel was a little higher. It was a bluebird sky kind of morning and clouded up some in the afternoon.

We decided that we would head up to the summit via the Tram and started off by going up Peabody and then skied under the chair over to Extension. That was a bit of a mistake. There were snow making whales there and that trail sucked. However we then continued down, Avalanche, then cut over to Jasper to the Tram. We skied down Upper Cannon then back up to the summit and skied it again (it was that awesome) before going down and skiing lower mountain runs for a bit from the the Eagle Cliff Chair. We would eventually head in to warm up for a bit before heading back out.

When we headed back out we ran into some friends (one cannot be missed with a super long white beard) and made another shot at the Tram but not until making several runs from the Zoomer Chair skiing Avalanche, Pauli's and Zoomer. Zoomer and Pauli's were awesome but Avalanche was pretty skied off down the middle but there was snow pushed to both sides that was not bad. I fail to under stand how that trail with all the cold we have had got to icy - bad water air mix? In any case we took the tram to the top and headed down Ravine which was starting to get scrapped off on the turns then headed to the lodge for adult beverages and lunch. We ran into Puck it who introduced me to DHS and we also talked to Cannonball where the wife intro's were made. Sad - well not really - that we did not make runs with any of them but there is plenty of winter left.

We spend the after noon lapping the Tram skiing down Tram Line, Vista and Upper Cannon (got very scraped off in the afternoon) and getting over to By Pass then to Rocket or Gary's up Zoomer then down one of the front whatever - my favorite was Pauli's. It was very fun to lap the Tram that way. On one of the runs down Zoomer I caught up to a few (and I am not that fast at bumps) and it masses with you a bit. Actually had to stop and then pick a line to get by them.

Overall, it was a great day of skiing. We have been to Cannon 6-7 times this season so far and due to the way the opened terrain, it feels like a different skiing experience each time. I am looking forward to more natural snow there! So pray to the snow gods!

I have yet to visit the Zoomer bar!

Tram Shot

Under Zoomer Chair


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