Cannon 12-7-2014.

Went into the day with very low expectations. On the 5th coverage was pretty terrible. On the 6th they picked up 4-6" of very wet stuff. Overnight 6th->7th the temps had dropped to the low teens with high winds. When I got up on the 7th it was icy everywhere. I probably wouldn't have dragged myself out of the house if it wasn't for Puckit text me at 6:30 that he was already on his way. That got me going. We met at Zoomer at 8:30 as the lift started spinning. Far from the icy boilerplate that I was expecting, it was very edgeable with a nice dusting on top. To start the day the Zoomer pod only offered Gary's and Rocket (their snowmaking trails with groomage).

Around 9:30 they surprisingly opened up the rest of the front 7 with all natural conditions. This was a bold move by Cannon considering these trails have ~4" of coverage (or less). But the wet/freeze of the past 24 hours made that very thin base hold up just fine and the 1-2" on top of that was sweet.

We lapped everything that was open (and some that wasn't) over and over. DLague joined us midday and we got a few runs with him before I had to bail early. All in all a damn fun day that far exceeded expectations. Still can't wait until the top opens though, not a lot of vert being offered right now....

Thin but fun....

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