Cannon 12/23/12

arrived around 9:30ish to see the peabody quad go out of commission. the lift would come back on line early in PM. I was told it was off line for most of saturday.

took the "other lift" from the base up, asked the ski patrol if we could hike up to the profile lift which was open for the first time this season and was told "no" but we could take a bus over to the tram that was going to be opened.

got on first tram of season after a 30-45 minute wait while Ops conducted their beginning of the season inspection(???). Two runs from summit open was upper canyon which had huge whales and skylight which had whales but offered better skiing. basically lapped skylight until 3PM (20 runs maybe). when I skied down to the base, I found the bottom half of mountain was pretty sketchy.

so my trail report consist of: loose powder over frozen hardpack which by end of day was piles of snow between boilerplate/frozen hardpack.

not a whole lot of terrain open, the passholders that I spoke to all seemed pretty happy though. very little natural snow. once they groom and push the whales around, the skiing should be nice on upper canyon and skylight.

three days so far...ahead of schedule for me.

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