Cannon 12/28/12

Date skied: 12/28/12

Resort: Cannon Mt

Conditions: Over all, quite poor with some good packed powder here and there. Natural cover trails on top of the mountain (Taft Slalom, Upper Ravine, Skylight and Upper Hardscrabble) skied the best. There was a mix of grass, some ice, some packed and loose powder, moguls, a rock or two as well.
Trail off Zoomer that was available to public: Rocket - it was atrocious. It really should have been closed. (Gary's was being used by racers). Lower portion of Avalanche was also in poor shape but it had to be opened to provide return to the tram.


Decided to go up for 1/2 day due to some work commitments combined with poor physical preparation for the ski season. I figured that getting 3-4 hours of skiing will be more than my unconditioned legs can take (I was right).
Parked at the Tram -it had really long lines due to the fact that Peabody was not in operation.
Once I got to the top, I lapped the Cannonball for most of the afternoon. Some people I rode up with told me that the bottom part of the mountain was in poor shape. So I stayed up on top until ready to call it a day. No lines at the Cannonball which was a surpise since that's where the best skiing was. Visibilty was a bit of an issue (top in the cloud), but not much wind.
It was good to get on skis for the first time this season, but I was really hoping for better conditions.

Granted, they did get the 12 inches or so, but not having much of a base, if any, given the traffic, it got scraped off by the time I got to it. On the other hand, there were some natural snow moguls on most of the trails up on top and there were some good lines to be found here and there.

I think it will be a good few weeks until I'd even consider coming back. The snowmakers have a lot of work to do on the mountain. They could use a couple of really good storms too.

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