cannon 2-18,19,20

On the hill by 130pm tuesday. Very windy with low visibility. The wind was coming down the slopes so hard that I had a hard time setting an edge. The first run I thought I had hardware malfunction.

2nd tram Wednesday. Fresh tracks down tramway brought out a few hoots n hollars from me. 2 or 3 tram laps then hiked up the saddle to mittersill. Pow bumps down the liftline were awesome. Followed some people into trees, found some steep and a few very tight lines. Just gotta remember where they are for next time. Barons had some big bumps and has definitely seen its share of traffic. Last tram lead to barely any wind and good visibilty.

Didnt get on the hill till 930 today. Tired, lazy and hungry this am. Bluebird skies and good visibilty were welcomed from the last week of pow days(poor me). Warmup lap, then to kinsman. Hit a few stumps and logs, but also some knee deep pow flying stashes. After watching around 5 people hit tramline I hit it for the first time. Only really one technical spot, really wish I had hit it early am. Now I know.
Awesome few days at cannon, pretty sure it will be "home" next year.

Top o' tramline
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